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Have you ever wondered how to choose a driveway alarm?
bulletHere are the questions you need to ask to aid you in your choice of the CORRECT driveway sensor for your specific needs. Only an experienced professional will be able to help you in suggesting which driveway sensor will meet your needs by answering the following questions.
bulletWhat is the maximum transmission distance that you will need to meet your needs?
bulletWhat type of driveway monitor are you searching for? A hose that a car or other heavy vehicle may run over? A magnetic probe that may be hidden and will only detect metallic vehicles? Or a wireless beam that will detect cars as well as people and animals?
bulletAre there any trees between the location of the  transmitter and receiver ? If so are the trees a dense forest or sparse or somewhere in between? The denser the forest the less the transmission distance.
bulletAre there hills between the location of the  transmitter and receiver ?
bulletWhat is the construction of your home? - Is it a mobile home, does it have aluminum or steel siding, is it constructed of stucco, does it have paper backed insulation or foil insulation?
bulletAre there transformers nearby - pad mounted or pole mounted may interfere with the transmission/reception of the signal
bulletIs there an electric fence close by ? Only The Model DWA 5 can be used if this is  the case.
bulletThe dealer that can answer these questions are deserving of your business because they CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS NOW!  




                    PORTABLE RECEIVER
FREE WITH PURCHASE OF $200.00 OR MORE FROM THIS SITE. This hand crank flashlight requires no batteries or bulbs to replace ever! Wind it up and you're set. Ideal for emergencies, the outdoors, home, or your car. 30-60 seconds of winding gives one hour of continuous ultrabright light. If you have seen this in stores it will cost from $10.00 to $30.00 - and it is yours FREE  while supplies last !!


  The driveway alarms are available in seven models:
MODEL DWA-1HOSE MODEL- Will require a car to drive over the hose relaying a WIRELESS signal to receiver up to 600 feet away.
MODEL DWA-2 BEAM DRIVEWAY ALARM- will project a beam to catch a car or other moving object that crosses its path and will relay a WIRELESS signal to a receiver up to 600 feet away .
 MODEL DWA-3 MAGNETIC PROBE - This wired model of our driveway alarms will activate when  a motor vehicle drives with in a 14 foot area of the probe. It will then send the signal by wire to the receiver where it will chime similar to a doorbell.
 MODEL DWA-4 WIRELESS MAGNETIC PROBE -This wireless version of our Model DWA-3 driveway alarms will  activate when a motor vehicle drives with in a 14 foot area of the probe. 
  It will then send a wireless signal to the receiver, up to 600 FEET away, where it will chime with a three second high pitched beep.
MODEL DWA-5 : The LATEST addition to our line of driveway alarms. This sensor , when activated will transmit to a handheld receiver and an audible as well as visual notification  will be received up to two miles away. Optional base station and multiple hand held receivers will act as a walkie talkie   as well. Up to four zones may be monitored.
MODEL DWA-6 - Wireless beam with the latest technology using  430mhz  transmission frequency for a maximum transmission distance of 1000 feet. 
dwa7p.jpg (9430 bytes) MODEL DWA- 7 Wireless probes available in a 2000 or 4000 foot configuration utilizing 900 MHZ DIGITAL SPREAD SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGY.
  WIRELESS ACCESSORIES - Many accessories ranging from wireless dialers to call you when you are not at home to strobe lights to inform unwanted guests there presence is known.

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